Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Changing of the seasons

Boy how time just flies by! Today it's a nice 73 degrees and sunny. You couldn't ask for better weather. It seems like just the other day that it was hot and humid and just plain miserable. Then again, it seems like it was just the other day the rain was falling and it was dark and dreary! Amazing how the seasons change. I just love it. It's a reminder to me that we have seasons in our lives. Times of drought and dryness, times of a cleansing rain or possible a rain of trials and tribulation. Then there are days that the sun is shining and the blessings of life are there just to overtake you. Just like the cool breeze on an early October morning.

Well, we are finally open for adoption through the State of Arkansas! YES, it has been forever! But, I know that God has been going before us making every crooked place straight and lining up the right people as well as preparing us for her! I wake up each morning and look in her room. The symbol of the faith we have in His promise. What symbol of faith can you go to that is right there to remind you of His promises. That room has comforted me many times. It's been a place I can go when doubt begins to creep in. I can't wait til she occupies that room and I can tell her all about the greatness of our God!

Seasons come and seasons go. I love that. I love the fall, just like I love the summer, I love the spring just like I love winter! Every season in our life we are blessed. No matter if we are going through pain or through joy. The important part is that His glory be revealed through each season of our life! 

Friday, July 2, 2010


Isn't it amazing how fast time is flying by...I look at both my boys and realize that with each day they are growing more and more independent. I wish I would have realized years ago what has become clearer this past year- but that's life. I can't take back time, I can't redo...All I can do is go forward, with each minute with each day with each year....put God foremost and my prayer is that my boys will see Him living in me. So I thank God for loving me, never giving up on me and boy am I thankful for His mercy and grace.

Living each day for Him...what a life. A life that I love, it's not perfect by no means and I'm learning each and every day. But, I'm thankful that I've realized that it's not about me but all about Him.

My life is so blessed. I love my family with all my heart. I have a husband that has dealt with me...sickness and all. I know that can't be easy but he is always there. Our boys are so kind hearted and just the apple of my eye. I'm so blessed that the Lord allowed me to be their mom.

Our family is waiting with open hearts for her. Time has passed...I have had some say to me are you still trying to adopt...not mean spirited but inquisitive. It has been a journey....and I'm sure that we still have more road to walk. So in God's timing...I'm ok with that....I do get anxious at times, I do question is this ever going to happen, but in His timing He reassures me in only the way that He can...and that's the cool part. That's the part when you know it's from Him and not one thing do with you. That's how I like it now in days. All about Him.

So life. Keep happening...clock keep turning....it's ok....for I know the God that has watch over me and it's all good.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Well we are slowly but surely getting it all done...had to fill out some new paperwork since the previous one's had expired. Just finished up with tb testing for the guys. Remaining papers should be ready by Thurs. I think that will be it....unless of course we've missed something!
I'll have to be honest there are days I get really discouraged. I think is this ever going to happen? Is it all just a wasted effort? We've been doing this for so long it seems....Then my heart reminds me, "She is yours." God placed it on my heart, our family is in agreement, so I know that He will fulfill His every promise. We can't give up. I don't want to give up...I just want it to BE ALREADY. You know what I mean? I guess it has a lot to do with that whole control thing....usually I have a plan. Usually I'm busy working it and this not so much...There really can't be a set plan when God is in the driver's seat.

Take for instance the physical healing of my heart. We prayed and prayed for healing. Praise God it came. Not only did it come but He healed my heart completely. Not just the electrical issue and the heart failure but he healed the 3 valves I was having problems with, too. See those hadn't even been addressed, they were too concerned with the other. Then here comes God and what does He do but do excedingly more than what we could have ever imagined. I believe that is what He will do with the adoption process too, but it's just taking much more longer than I anticipated! LOL!!! But you know, I'm thankful. I really am. I am so thankful for His amazing grace and mercy. Even when I question Him. He remains Sovereign.

So we will wait and continue to praise Him. So with joy and hope I will stand firm in knowing my God is there. He's making the paths straight and preparing the way. He is a God of right on time. She will be with us right on time. His time.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. I choose faith, Lord.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it Rain...for I know who Reigns!

Let it rain, Lord.
Let it pour.
For I know the God that sends the sunshine sends the rain.
The rain doesn't bother me anymore. It used to.
I'd pray for the rain to stop.
I can't take anymore rain, Lord- I'd cry.
I pray for the rain now.
Lord bring on the rain!
With the rain there comes cleansing.
With the rain I grow closer to my God.
Thank you Lord for the rain.
Let it rain....for I know who Reigns!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Final Homestudy visit

Well, I thought this day would never come...OK I really did think it would but boy did it seem cloudy at times. Once diagnosed with all this heart stuff adoption plans seemed to fall by the wayside. But, the dream and hope was still always there.

See I knew I would be healed from this heart condition. I knew that I would be off every bit of medication. Didn't know when, didn't know exactly how but I knew. So many folks would question me...It's amazing how negative folks can be sometimes. Not on purpose, then again some may have been.... I'll choose to think the first. Anyway, I would claim healing every day. God promises me that. Jesus Christ did not die on that cross, He did not suffer, He did not bleed for any of us to live a mediocre life, filled with sickness and disease. Nor does He want us to accept anything but a full abundant life He promised.

So hope....I guess that's what I had. Some say well you just hoped in your mind. Like that hope that maybe just maybe you will get exactly what you asked for at Christmas but you'd be ok with whatever you get...No, this hope is so much more...It's the eternal hope and belief that what God says, He will do. Maybe not on our time frame, maybe not how we wanted but He will do it. So many of us give up before he can finish His work. Would I have maintained this same hope even if I wouldn't have been healed, I would have to say yes, at this time. It's been the longest 8 months of my life...Who really knows....But I do know that little by little, even before I got sick. He had begun to show me in my faith walk, that He wants to be good to us. We want it now though and He's not so much now as He is Perfect. So His timing is always perfect.

I know that what happened to me had a purpose. If only that I could help someone go through their trial and come out with victory. If he has the ability to save us from our sins. That is mercy and grace our suffient. Why would we not accept His complete healing? That we would walk that walk of faith. That we would know without reservation He bore it all. So hope is eternal. Without hope in Him, we have nothing. Cause this world offers us nothing.

Final homestudy you are welcomed. God I trust in your perfect timing. My hope rest in You alone. You are longing to give us the desires of our heart. Let us wait patiently and know that with You all things are possible.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Try it out in the little stuff. Give Him a chance. Wait, believe, trust. Hope.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Is your hairdryer broke?

Getting ready this morning, I was up listening to some bluegrass. It was all going good UNTIL I go to dry my hair and my hairdryer is broke! OH NO! It's blowing out air- COLD AIR- so it's pretty safe to say that it isn't going to be quite enough to get my hair dryed before end of day! You have to understand my hair is not even close to wash and wear. So I start recalling who used the hairdryer last...CLINTON..."Clinton was this hairdryer working yesterday when you used it....cause when I used it yesterday it was working!" "It was blowing out cold air," he states. "Cold air...why didn't you tell me..." I could have picked up a new one yesterday...now I can't get ready...great, just great...", I replied. So I stormed to my closet hung up my clothes and put my jammies back on. "I'll just not go!" Do I sound like a whiney or what??!!

So I walk into the living room ready to pout for the rest of the day...and God starts working on me..."Paige, do you really think it matters how you look or what you are wearing? Why are you letting something so minor disrupt your whole morning..your whole atttitude. You have a choice. What example are you setting your for your children?" Life is full of "broken hairdryers" Is this how you are going to respond to all of them?" Needless to say, it's been exactly how I've responded...most of the time.

See I like things to go my way. It's nice when it all runs smoothly without any glitches. But day after day the Lord is showing me...Things happen! Sometimes "hairdryers break!" It's your choice as to how you respond. Your choice to take something bad and turn it for His good.

So today I choose to deal with my "broke hairdryers" and realize that I have a choice and the devil will do anything to steal our joy. Big, little it doesn't matter.